Cleaning yourself to Look and Feel Good

Personal hygiene is all about cleanliness and grooming of the body. This should be done consistently. Being clean is an attractive aspect of being human to the point that personal hygiene products are a huge industry.

Personal hygiene may be described as the principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. People have been aware of the importance of hygiene for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks spent many hours bathing, using fragrances and make up in an effort to beautify themselves and be presentable to others.

Personal Hygiene products are a billion dollar business in the commercial market, with many high profile celebrities endorsing products that aim to keep us looking our best. In fact, hygiene is actually a scientific study.

Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene will help to increase self-esteem and confidence, while minimizing the chances of developing imperfections.

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Personal hygiene is one of those topics people do not discuss yet it is important to know every aspect of it. One of the places to do good hygiene is the mouth. It is not only the words you speak that matter but the smell that accompanies them.

These tips will help keep things fresh all day:

Invest in a decent electric toothbrush. Every time I see my dentist, he slips me a $10 coupon for an electric toothbrush. Either he’s a shill (doubt it) or these things really work. The key is to get a decent one, not just one of those regular toothbrushes that vibrates. You should spend at least $100 on your starter kit, if not a little more.

Floss everyday. We all know that flossing is important, but few of us do it consistently. But it’s really, really worth it. It’ll freshen your breath, prevent gum disease and save you from those withering looks from your dental hygienist.

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Personal hygiene is simply inclusive of daily routines of ensuring your body is clean. From brushing your teeth, bathing or washing your hands. Failure to do this is a sign of neglect of your personal hygiene and there are consequences of doing so.

Body Odor

One of the first and most prominent consequences of bad hygiene is body odor. Body occurs due to the interaction of bacteria and sweat produced by the apocrine glands. As bacteria thrive in unwashed sweat, over time their byproducts produce the smell commonly associated with body odor. Body odor may also come from poor bathroom habits, resulting in feces or urine odor.

Bad Breath

Bad breath proves another easily recognizable consequence of poor hygiene. It commonly develops from not regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. Bad breath results because of two main reasons. First, bacteria thrive on particles of food that can stick to your teeth. As the bacteria digest this food, their byproduct results in odor. Food can also get stuck in your teeth and rot over time, producing a foul odor, according to the American Dental Association.

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